Develop a #Website for Your #RealEstate #Business!

If you are starting your real estate business and want to maximize your online presence, consider setting up a website. A website gives prospective renters, buyers, and sellers an opportunity to view your offers without leaving their homes. A website gives your real estate business exposure to prospective clients from all over the world! To learn more about the benefits of setting up a website for your real estate business, click here.

Follow these steps to setup a website:

  1. Decide on a name for your website and register your website name at
  2. Decide which company (Internet Service Provider) will host your website. We use and it has a plan for multiple websites for $11.95 per month
  3. If you would like to try your hand a setting up your own website, Amazon is offering one year of free cloud service/storage. Amazon provides straightforward, step-by-step instructions. To learn more about Amazon’s offer of free cloud service/storage, click Shop Amazon – Get 1 Year Free Cloud Storage with Fire TV Stick Purchase
  4. To activate one year of Amazon’s FREE cloud service/storage, setup an account by clicking here.
  5. After you have reviewed the “AWS Free Tier” terms on the left side of the “AWS Free Tier” page, click on the “Create a Free Account” button.
  6. For an overview of website services available on Amazon AWS, click here.
  7. After you have completed creating your free AWS account, learn about building a WordPress website by clicking here.
  8. To learn more about configuring your new WordPress website, YouTube has excellent FREE tutorials, such as this one.

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