Use Your #IRA to #Invest in #RealEstate! #investing #investors

Are you aware that you can use your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to invest in real estate? If not, don’t feel discouraged. It is a well-kept secret! To learn more about using your IRA to invest in real estate, click here. For the beginner real estate investor, please be advised that using your IRA will involve lots of extra paperwork. There are tax laws regarding the use of IRAs that will complicate the transaction, so proceed carefully!

I used my IRA to buy raw land in Virginia several years ago. The custodian for my IRA was Equity Trust Company in Elyria, Ohio. Equity Trust did a very good job for me. Every piece of paperwork associated with the purchase and sale of the land had to go through Equity Trust. It added time and complexity to the transaction, but it was worth it.

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