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Chasing Squirrels in the Attic! #propertymanagement

We have a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath townhome that is currently rented by a family. We received a note from them regarding “scratching” noises in the attic at night. This sounds familiar to a call we received a few years ago from a different tenant. Wierd sounds in the attic or ceiling usually mean squirrels have found an opening in the roof and are making themselves at home. Our first step is to go up into the attic and look for holes in the roof.

We must be very careful when going into an attic because you can fall through the ceiling! Drywall is not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of an adult, so you must step on studs when moving around the attic!

During our inspection of the attic, we found a ventilation pipe leading to the roof, and noticed a gap between the ventilation cap and the roof. We suspect the squirrel comes through this gap to enter the attic. We applied steel mesh to cover the gap! We asked the tenant to let us know if they hear anymore scratching at night.

UPDATE: We will continue to update this post with our progress. Please check back everyday …

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