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The Washington DC real estate market is HOT, particularly the high-end! A new administration full of Wall Street executives and billionaires is flooding the buyers’ market! Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just purchased a $5.6 million dollar home in the Kalorama neighborhood in the upper northwest area. If you don’t have millions, you may have a few hundred thousand dollars to spend … If so, you can purchase a one bedroom condominium in upper northwest quadrant of the District of Columbia! To learn more about the huge gains in average sales price of the high-end neighborhoods, click here.

To view the interior of the one bedroom condominium currently listed at Cathedral Park, click here.

It is important for beginner real estate investors to learn their real estate market and know their real estate market! If you have any tips for getting to know your real estate market, please share your tips by joining us at Hands On Real Estate Investing!

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