Use Your #IRA to #Invest in #RealEstate! #investing #investors

Are you aware that you can use your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to invest in real estate? If not, don’t feel discouraged. It is a well-kept secret! To learn more about using your IRA to invest in real estate, click here. For the beginner real estate investor, please be advised that using your IRA will […]

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New Way to #Invest in #RealEstate! #Crowdfunding

Just as websites use crowdfunding to raise funds for individual projects, the trend has moved into the real estate arena. We are not recommending this method of raising funds, however we do want to make folks aware of the method. Be careful. Do your research. Tread lightly. To learn more about crowdfunding your real estate […]

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How to Maximize #Rental #Property #Investments!

If you already own residential real estate, such as your primary residence, you may be wondering how to take the next step to purchase another property. Should you save for a down payment to buy a rental property, or should you refinance your primary residence to come up with the down payment? Owning real estate […]