Charge #Rent for Extra Storage Space! #realestate

Are you looking for ways to generate extra rental income? Do you have extra storage space in or near your rental property? If you answered yes to this question, then you can generate extra rental income! To find out how we generate an extra $50 per month for storage space, please see below … We […]

Buy Real Estate to Build Wealth! how to invest in real estate beginner real estate investor real estate investing

5 Reasons to #Invest in #RealEstate! #realestateinvesting

“Real Estate is a Key Asset for Building Wealth!” When people wonder how to build wealth and how or where to start, this statement says it all. It is worth repeating “Real Estate is a Key Asset for Building Wealth!” In our opinion, saving money in the bank and receiving less than 1% interest will […]

Downtown Washington DC How to Invest in Real Estate Real Estate investing handsonrealestateinvesting how to invest in real estate real estate investing beginner real estate investor

Hot #RealEstate Markets in #WashingtonDC, #Maryland & #NorthernVA!

The real estate markets in the Washington Metropolitan area include Washington DC, and it’s surrounding suburbs in Maryland, and Northern Virginia. These markets have always been supported by good, middle to upper middle class jobs provided by the Federal Government. For details on what’s hot in Washington DC, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, click: What’s […]

#RealEstate #RetirementPlan in Action! #retirementincome

We have written several articles on how to create your own retirement plan by investing in real estate. Our articles include: Create Your Own Pension Plan Secure Your Retirement with Rental Income 4 Reasons to Add Real Estate to Your Retirement Plan It is gratifying to see an article about a young couple who purchased […]

#RealEstate #Rents Skyrocketing! #invest #investing

If you are still undecided about investing in real estate, here is one more reason: Rents are skyrocketing! We recently received 30-day notice from one of our tenants. He is renting a one bedroom condo for $975 per month. When I googled rents for our area, I was shocked to see the lowest rent at […]

Make #Rent vs Buy Decision Easily!

If you are in the “pre-retirement” or “early retirement” phase of your life, chances are you are trying to make a decision about housing and where to live. Housing is usually the largest item in the budget, therefore the “housing” decision will impact how long your retirement nest egg lasts. With low interest rates, it […]

Residential Condominium Complex how to invest in real estate investing beginner real estate investor beginner real estate investing

Can You Afford to Purchase #RentalProperty? #invest #investing

How do you know if you have enough money to invest in real estate? In our opinion, you must be able to answer YES to all of the following questions: If a tenant moves out unexpectedly, do you have enough money to pay the mortgage, property taxes, insurance each month for 3 – 4 months? […]

10 Areas Where #Flipping is Still a Good #RealEstate Move!

In the interests of full disclosure, we are not fans of flipping. We have never flipped a property. In our opinion, flipping real estate is one of the more risky ways to invest in real estate. We have a cousin who flips real estate, but we never quite know how well he is doing financially. […]

Create Your Own #Pension Plan! #retirementplan

There was a time when you could bank on your employer’s promise of a pension after you met the “years of service” requirement. Sadly, those days are long gone. According to a recent article, Congress passed legislation that lets “multi-employer” pension plans off the hook and allows pension administrators to slash pension benefits. Imagine you’re […]

How to Find a Really Good #RealEstateAgent!

A really good Real Estate Agent is crucial to your success as a beginner real estate investor. Why? You will spend lots of time with your Real Estate Agent looking at properties, negotiating offers, and completing settlements. In our opinion, you want some who is personable and has excellent interpersonal skills. In our opinion, you […]