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3 Steps to Lower #RealEstate #Taxes! #taxcut #taxcuts

The lower your taxes, the more money you keep in your pocket! According to an article by Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin, there are three easy steps to make sure you are paying the least amount (legally) for your property taxes. Homestead Exemption Property Tax Appeal Comparable Homes Appropriate Homestead Exemption Check with your […]

How to Build a Stream of #Retirement #Income! #retireyourway

Build a stream of income that will pay your monthly bills … is that your goal? If it is, our website handsonrealestateinvesting.com is for you! The following article showcases a woman who wants to invest in real estate. She already has one property, and she wants to buy another. She’s wondering how she can come […]

Currently #Renting & Saving for a Down Payment?

Are you currently renting, but would like to save for a down payment to purchase a home? The key to saving is reducing expenses, and one of your largest expenses is most likely your rent. The following article has creative strategies for negotiating a reduced rent from your landlord! For details on negotiating a reduced […]

An #Investor Guide to Fees (How Fees Affect ROI)

This article not only addresses real estate investment fees, but fees for other investments such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds, 401Ks, brokerage, and financial advisors. When you are in the saving mode, trying to accumulate funds for a down payment, it’s important to identify and minimize unnecessary fees. Fees reduce your return on investment […]