What to Look for When #Investing in #RealEstate #Property!

When searching for the perfect real estate property, this article points out factors to consider, such as infrastructure, property improvements, location, prospects for the area, property affordability, and potential profits. We also provide tips on finding a good property here. To learn more about the factors to consider when investing in real estate, click here. […]

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Chinese #Investing in U.S. #RealEstate Market! Find Out Where!

Money flowing in from China and Hong Kong creates demand for real estate in the U.S.! Whenever other countries have evaluated our real estate potential, and have determined the U.S. is a good place to invest their money, it’s a positive development. It encourages other countries to take a look at U.S. real estate. The […]

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How to Maximize #Rental #Property #Investments!

If you already own residential real estate, such as your primary residence, you may be wondering how to take the next step to purchase another property. Should you save for a down payment to buy a rental property, or should you refinance your primary residence to come up with the down payment? Owning real estate […]

How to Evaluate #Rental #RealEstate #Investments!

When you are ready to make an offer on a rental property, there are several methods used to determine the value of the property. Based on our experience, the listing price of the property is usually a little higher than the actual market value. As a real estate investor, you always want to purchase the […]

What 5 Common Mistakes Should #RealEstate #Investors Avoid?

As a beginner Real Estate Investor, it is important to educate yourself as much as you can before committing your money to a deal. The following article points out 5 common mistakes Real Estate Investors should avoid. Mistake # 4 explains the pitfalls of overpaying. To help you determine market value, your Real Estate Agent […]

#RealEstate is a Key Asset for Building #Wealth! #invest

“Real Estate is a Key Asset for Building Wealth!” When people wonder how to build wealth and how or where to start, this statement says it all. It is worth repeating “Real Estate is a Key Asset for Building Wealth!” In our opinion, saving money in the bank and receiving less than 1% interest will […]

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How to Get Started #Investing in #RealEstate! #invest

Welcome to Hands On Real Estate Investing! We have been investing in residential real estate for the past 25 years. This blog is dedicated to sharing our personal experiences, guidance, and tips with you. Our goal is to help the beginner real estate investor get started investing in residential real estate. We are often asked […]

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Welcome to Hands On #RealEstate #Investing! #invest #realestateinvesting

Welcome! Our mission is to share our experiences with you about one of the best long-term investments you can ever make — residential real estate. We have been investing in condominiums, townhouses, and single-family homes for the past 30 years.  We have had many more positive experiences than negative, so we intend to share lessons […]

5 #Tools Every #RealEstate DIYer Must Have!

If you plan to manage your own property, which will most likely include making repairs, you will need a good set of tools. For the beginner real estate investor, making your own repairs can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Some contractors won’t even come to your property to provide an estimate without […]

Be Wary of #Scams When Wiring Settlement Funds!

Last year, we bought a 3 bedroom townhouse. We took a cashier’s check to settlement. We thought it was sufficient. However, the settlement agent told us we had to wire funds to the settlement company’s account. We had never wired funds before, and we are suspicious of wiring large amounts of money. How do you […]