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When Bidding on #Foreclosures … #realestate #foreclosure See Videos!

Bidding on foreclosures is riskier than making an offer on a property listed for sale by a private seller. The reason is because foreclosures are sold “as-is,” meaning the seller offers no warranty on the condition of the property. If the property has been vacant for awhile, problems can fester and grow worse over time. […]

Condominium Complex how to invest in real estate beginner real estate investor

3 Tips – Quick #Tenant Turnaround! #realestatetips #tenants

For landlords, managing the exit of a current tenant and finding a new tenant directly impacts the bottom line (i.e., cash flow). Over years of trial and error, we believe we have perfected the “tenant turnaround” process. For example, we have a 1 bedroom ground floor condo and we recently received notice from our tenant […]

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Do Power Lines Hurt #RealEstate #MarketValue?

It’s Foreclosure Saturday! We have a standing appointment to meet with our Real Estate Broker every Saturday to look at candidates for purchase. We met to view a large townhouse that has been foreclosed twice in the past 4 years. The townhouse has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths on the upper level; a large […]

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#Congress Just Opened #RealEstate FloodGates!

  In the FY2016 Federal Budget just passed by Congress, and signed by the President, a little known law that limits the amount of foreign investment in the U.S. real estate industry, has been relaxed. Kenneth Rosen, chairman of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics at University of California, Berkeley, projects an additional […]

Buy Real Estate to Build Wealth! how to invest in real estate beginner real estate investor real estate investing

5 Reasons to #Invest in #RealEstate! #realestateinvesting

“Real Estate is a Key Asset for Building Wealth!” When people wonder how to build wealth and how or where to start, this statement says it all. It is worth repeating “Real Estate is a Key Asset for Building Wealth!” In our opinion, saving money in the bank and receiving less than 1% interest will […]

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When #Tenant Pays #Rent Late … #tenantscreening

When tenants start paying rent late, especially if it’s more than 1 week late, chances are they will never catch up. The very first time they are late paying the rent, you must charge them a late fee. You must set the tone early in the landlord-tenant relationship. Your goal is not to be friends […]

When Prospective #Tenant Rushes You … #tenantscreening

We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse available for rent. A 30-year old woman with 2 children applied to rent the townhouse on a Sunday evening. She has a $90,000 annual salary, a FICO score of 640, and a very good landlord reference from her previous landlord. We called her current supervisor and character […]

When #Tenant Stops Paying #Rent … #tenantscreening

One of the most critical events that can occur to a landlord is when the tenant stops paying rent. In our opinion, it is very important to assess how serious the infraction. There are 3 levels of severity: Minor/Short-Term ( rent is a few days late) Moderate (rent is a few weeks late) Severe/Long-Term (rent […]

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Hot #RealEstate Markets in #WashingtonDC, #Maryland & #NorthernVA!

The real estate markets in the Washington Metropolitan area include Washington DC, and it’s surrounding suburbs in Maryland, and Northern Virginia. These markets have always been supported by good, middle to upper middle class jobs provided by the Federal Government. For details on what’s hot in Washington DC, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, click: What’s […]

#TenantScreening — Bait & Switch! #tenant #tenants

For the first time in our real estate investing career, we encountered a bait & switch ruse. Here is what happened … We began advertising a 3 bedroom townhouse for rent. Our first phone call was from an elderly woman in her late 60s. Her initials were AP. AP said her retirement income was $6500 […]