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When You Like #Tenant Who is Behind on Rent! #propertymanagement

We have a one bedroom condominium with a tenant who has been renting from us for 8 years. She is a 33 year old single professional who has paid her rent on time. She rarely calls or complains, so we don’t increase her rent at the rate in inflation. As a result, her rent is […]

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When Prospective #Tenant Wants to Move In Quickly … #tenantscreening

We have a one bedroom condominium for rent. The current tenant gave notice about 3 weeks ago. We always require 60 days notice so that we can minimize loss of rent when we have tenant turnover. We advertise using Zillow and Craigslist. It is extremely important to thoroughly screen prospective tenants! Your tenant evaluation criteria […]

Condominium Complex how to invest in real estate beginner real estate investor

3 Tips – Quick #Tenant Turnaround! #realestatetips #tenants

For landlords, managing the exit of a current tenant and finding a new tenant directly impacts the bottom line (i.e., cash flow). Over years of trial and error, we believe we have perfected the “tenant turnaround” process. For example, we have a 1 bedroom ground floor condo and we recently received notice from our tenant […]

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When #Tenant Pays #Rent Late … #tenantscreening

When tenants start paying rent late, especially if it’s more than 1 week late, chances are they will never catch up. The very first time they are late paying the rent, you must charge them a late fee. You must set the tone early in the landlord-tenant relationship. Your goal is not to be friends […]

When Prospective #Tenant Rushes You … #tenantscreening

We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse available for rent. A 30-year old woman with 2 children applied to rent the townhouse on a Sunday evening. She has a $90,000 annual salary, a FICO score of 640, and a very good landlord reference from her previous landlord. We called her current supervisor and character […]

8 Steps to Screen Prospective #Tenants … #tenantscreening

If you plan to hold your real estate investment for the long-term, you will want tenants who take good care of your property and pay the rent on time every month. For beginner real estate investors, one of the key factors driving your success is tenant screening. The wrong tenant can deplete your profits and […]

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Screen Prospective #Tenants B4 They See #Rental? #tenantscreening

It may seem unfair to screen prospective tenants before allowing them to visit your rental property, however when you are managing multiple properties, time is a valuable commodity. We have learned the hard way by spending time and gas running back and forth between properties when the prospective tenant wasn’t serious or qualified. Another very […]