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High Tech Growth Fuels Housing Boom in 5 American Cities! #housing2017 #realestate

According to Moody’s Analytics, robust growth in American high technology companies is fueling a housing boom in the following American cities: Nashville, Tennesee Raleigh, North Carolina Austin, Texas Charlotte, North Carolina Cambridge, Massachusetts Nashville According to the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, real estate prices have increased 49% over the past 4 years! Moody’s Analytics […]

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The Ultra-Rich Favor #RealEstate! #realestateinvesting

If you are still looking for a reason to invest in real estate, it may influence you to know that the ultra-rich favor real estate over the stock market! Real estate is what’s known as a hard asset, a tangible asset, which is something you can touch and feel. It is not bits and bytes […]

Develop a #Website for Your #RealEstate #Business!

If you are starting your real estate business and want to maximize your online presence, consider setting up a website. A website gives prospective renters, buyers, and sellers an opportunity to view your offers without leaving their homes. A website gives your real estate business exposure to prospective clients from all over the world! To […]

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Is #RealEstate the Right #Business For You?

Once you purchase your first investment property, you now have a real estate business. If you decide to manage your own property, you will need to advertise for tenants, screen prospective tenants, draft a lease, make sure the lease adheres to your state and county regulations and laws, etc. It’s a business. Also ask yourself, […]