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Chasing Squirrels in the Attic! #propertymanagement

We have a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath townhome that is currently rented by a family. We received a note from them regarding “scratching” noises in the attic at night. This sounds familiar to a call we received a few years ago from a different tenant. Wierd sounds in the attic or ceiling usually mean squirrels […]

DIY Drywall Repair! how to invest in real estate investing beginner real estate investor

Ground Floor Condo Plumbing Backup & Leak! #waterdamage #propertybrothers

The disadvantage of owning a ground floor condominium is that “everything flows downhill …” Whenever there is a backup or stoppage, it occurs at the ground level due to gravity. We have owned this particular condo for 27 years, and have never had any major problems with it. Our tenant is perfect because she pays […]

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Replace Wood Retaining Wall with Concrete? #propertymanagement

We have a rental property (townhouse) with a wood retaining wall that keeps soil from sliding downhill from the property next door. The wall is at least 25 years old, and it is now leaning due to very heavy snowfall last winter. A contractor suggested using concrete blocks for the replacement, which would require less […]

Galley Kitchen w/ Upgrades how in invest in real estate beginner real estate investor

4 Steps to Get #Property Ready for #Rent! #propertymanagement #landlord

We have a 3 bedroom brick townhome ready for rent! It has 3 levels of living space, 1 full bathroom, 3 half baths, and a stunning brick fireplace in the lower level family room! Our lease requires that tenants have the rental property professionally cleaned when they move out. Our strategy for getting the property […]

Plumbing Leak Damges Ceilng! water damage how to invest in real estate real estate investing beginner real estate investor

#Plumbing #Leak Damages Ceiling & Walls! #propertybrothers

We own a 2 bedroom condominium that we purchased last year. The unit above ours was foreclosed around the same time, and a new owner purchased the above unit about 6 months ago. We were able to take a peak at the above unit while it was vacant and it needed lots of work. A […]

Full Bathroom Addition Complete! beginner real estate investor how to invest in real estate handsonrealestateinvesting

Increase Monthly #Rental #Income by Adding Full #Bathroom! #propertybrothers

We recently purchased a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath townhouse foreclosure. We plan to rent it out, but first, we want to increase the market value and monthly rental income by adding a full bath! The 4th bedroom is on the lower level. We just added a walk-in closet to the 4th bedroom. To learn more […]

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3 Tips – Quick #Tenant Turnaround! #realestatetips #tenants

For landlords, managing the exit of a current tenant and finding a new tenant directly impacts the bottom line (i.e., cash flow). Over years of trial and error, we believe we have perfected the “tenant turnaround” process. For example, we have a 1 bedroom ground floor condo and we recently received notice from our tenant […]

5 #Tools Every #RealEstate DIYer Must Have!

If you plan to manage your own property, which will most likely include making repairs, you will need a good set of tools. For the beginner real estate investor, making your own repairs can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Some contractors won’t even come to your property to provide an estimate without […]

What are Pros & Cons of Becoming a #Landlord? #landlordlife

We can attest to the fact that it is not easy being a landlord, but we believe it is worth the time and effort. No one will take care of your property like you do. Therefore, we believe it’s advantageous to manage your own rental properties instead of employing a professional property management company. For […]