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New Way to #Invest in #RealEstate! #Crowdfunding

Just as websites use crowdfunding to raise funds for individual projects, the trend has moved into the real estate arena. We are not recommending this method of raising funds, however we do want to make folks aware of the method. Be careful. Do your research. Tread lightly.

To learn more about crowdfunding your real estate investment, click here. For beginner real estate investors, we recommend saving for a down payment. For tips on saving for a down payment, click here. One of the real estate experts we follow on YouTube is REIClub. The following video is an introduction to the “crowdfunding” concept.

UPDATE: We are investigating a crowdfunding opportunity in the residential and commercial real estate areas. We will also research HoldFolio, which is profiled in the video. As we learn about the crowdfunding process, we will update this post. An article about the rehabilitation of a vacant commercial building in Washington DC caught our attention. For details, click here. Stay tuned …

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