5 #Tools Every #RealEstate DIYer Must Have!

If you plan to manage your own property, which will most likely include making repairs, you will need a good set of tools. For the beginner real estate investor, making your own repairs can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Some contractors won’t even come to your property to provide an estimate without […]

Be Wary of #Scams When Wiring Settlement Funds!

Last year, we bought a 3 bedroom townhouse. We took a cashier’s check to settlement. We thought it was sufficient. However, the settlement agent told us we had to wire funds to the settlement company’s account. We had never wired funds before, and we are suspicious of wiring large amounts of money. How do you […]

Currently #Renting & Saving for a Down Payment?

Are you currently renting, but would like to save for a down payment to purchase a home? The key to saving is reducing expenses, and one of your largest expenses is most likely your rent. The following article has creative strategies for negotiating a reduced rent from your landlord! For details on negotiating a reduced […]

An #Investor Guide to Fees (How Fees Affect ROI)

This article not only addresses real estate investment fees, but fees for other investments such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds, 401Ks, brokerage, and financial advisors. When you are in the saving mode, trying to accumulate funds for a down payment, it’s important to identify and minimize unnecessary fees. Fees reduce your return on investment […]

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#International #Investors Purchasing #RealEstate in #Dallas #Texas!

Money flowing in from Turkey creates demand in Dallas, TX! Whenever other countries have evaluated our real estate potential, and have determined the U.S. is a good place to invest their money, it’s a positive development. It encourages other countries to take a look at U.S. real estate. For beginner real estate investors, international investment […]

What are Pros & Cons of Becoming a #Landlord? #landlordlife

We can attest to the fact that it is not easy being a landlord, but we believe it is worth the time and effort. No one will take care of your property like you do. Therefore, we believe it’s advantageous to manage your own rental properties instead of employing a professional property management company. For […]

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A New Concept in #RealEstate #Investment: Online Purchasing and #PropertyManagement

This is an interesting concept … purchasing investment property via an online service. It’s the first we’ve heard of it. One of our co-workers has experience investing via an online service. He purchased rental properties in Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. Many of the properties already have tenants. A couple of times per year, my […]

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#International #RealEstate #Investors Increase Demand!

Chinese investors are purchasing real estate in the U.S. … We consider this a positive development, which increases demand for real estate. Is your state one of the states the Chinese are targeting for investment? Find out here … For beginner real estate investors, international investment increases demand. Demand puts upward pressure on prices. For […]