Charge #Rent for Extra Storage Space! #realestate

Are you looking for ways to generate extra rental income? Do you have extra storage space in or near your rental property? If you answered yes to this question, then you can generate extra rental income! To find out how we generate an extra $50 per month for storage space, please see below …

We own a one bedroom condominium and we rent it for $1,050 per month. The condominium complex provides storage space in the basement of each building. When we started renting out the condominium many years ago, we let tenants use the storage space for free. However, we wised up a few years ago and began charging an extra $50 per month to use the storage space. Fifty bucks may not sound like much, but over a year’s time, it’s $600 bucks! Think of what you can do with an extra $600 bucks per year!

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