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We were 99% complete on a renovation project to add a full bathroom to the lower level of a rental townhouse we just purchased. The contractor did excellent work. The only concern was it took much longer than projected by the contractor. We went on vacation for a few days, and when we returned, we scheduled prospective tenants to view the property. As we entered the townhouse with the prospective tenant, we walked downstairs and were horrified at the sight of soaked carpeting and flooring!


Of course, the prospective tenant was concerned about mold, and we never heard from him again. In the meantime, we had to turn off the main water valve since water was actively leaking from the pipe above the water heater. We notified the general contractor who completed the full bathroom addition. He had a couple of his guys come out and quickly remove the carpets. We knew we had to dry out the sub-flooring as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew, so we used HomeAdvisors to get estimates from water remediation contractors. By the next day, the water remediation contractor setup power fans and dehumidifiers. His initial price was $2,000 and we negotiated him down to $650.

The fans had to run for 3 days to completely dry out the sub-flooring. Instead of trying to save the carpets, we had them hauled away. It cost us $280 to have the carpets ripped up and hauled away.

Our next priority was to get the plumbing leak repaired, so we used HomeAdvisors to find a good plumber.

Our next priority was to get estimates for new carpeting. Once again, we used HomeAdvisors! New carpeting for 2 rooms and a hallway cost $800. Overall, we feel fortunate that we discovered the leak before more damage was done. If we had been on vacation for more than a few days, mold may have had enough time to set in. Whenever you undertake a renovation project, you must anticipate problems. This particular problem cost us about $2,000 to remedy.

To learn more about our renovation project to add a full bathroom, click here.

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