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We have a standing appointment every Saturday with our Real Estate Broker. We are always looking for below-market real estate properties, preferably foreclosures. When we drive into a neighborhood, we look for “curb appeal.” How do we identify “curb appeal?”

  1. Is the neighborhood clean? (e.g., no trash on the ground)
  2. Is the street well-maintained (e.g., no potholes)
  3. Are the sidewalks and curbs well-maintained?
  4. Are the yards well-maintained?
  5. Are the homes well maintained? (e.g., painted exterior)
  6. Is there attractive landscaping (e.g., trees, shrubs, flowers)?

We recently looked at a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse. When we drove into the neighborhood, this is what we saw:

When we met our Real Estate Broker inside the townhouse, it was gorgeous!

An investor bought it as a foreclosure and fixed it up. The investor purchased it for $110,000 and a few months later listed it for $184,900.

It took 6 months to sell the house. The average days on market is only 45 days. The reason it took so long to sell the property is the lack of curb appeal! The townhouse eventually sold to another investor for $178,000. It is now being rented out for $1,600 per month.

To get maximum long-term appreciation, the new owner should work with the HOA to:

  1. Paint the curbs
  2. Repair the sidewalks
  3. Improve landscaping
  4. Paint and repair fencing

These steps will help improve the appearance of the neighborhood, and increase market value! It will also make the townhouse easier to rent, and increase rental income.

To improve curb appeal, cut the lawn!

Trim shrubs to improve curb appeal!

Stone wall and landscaping maximize curb appeal for this single family home!

When beginner real estate investors are looking for a good rental property, keep an eye on the curb appeal. Curb appeal is an indicator of how your prospective neighbors feel about the appearance of the neighborhood. When you buy an investment property, you are not just buying the home, you are buying the neighborhood! As real estate investors, we want to be able to sell at a nice profit in the future! If you have any tips for finding a good rental property, please share your real estate tip by joining us at Hands On Real Estate Investing!

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